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From Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay

  1. Exit the roundabout onto Queens Drive and continue for 2.6 km

  2. Continue onto Howard Cooke Boulevard for 2.1 km

  3. Turn left onto Alice Eldemire Drive and continue for 1 km Pass Fairview Shopping Plaza (Scotia Bank, Fontana and other shops) on the right and Montego Bay Community College on the left. 

  4. Turn right onto Bogue Road for 3.8 km passing a gas/petrol station on your left

  5. Turn left onto Long Hill. Continue straight for about 3.3 kilometres. 

  6. Turn right at Lethe Crossroads Groceries and Julia's Accessories onto Wiltshire to Lethe Road.

  7. Continue straight for about 6.5 kilometres. You will Pass by GLL Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Centre on the right after about 2.4 km and later go over the Lethe Bridge where Lethe Rafting Tours takes place.

  8. Veer left and uphill after crossing the bridge and continue for another kilometre. The Great River will be on your left.

  9. Make a sharp left turn at the Animal Farm & Nature Reserve turnoff (there is signage). Continue on the unpaved road passing a few homes until you reach the end of the road where our property lies on the left. You can't miss us. 

From locations on the south coast

  1. Either take the Ferris to Mackfield (B8) Highway or the main road from Middle Quarters through Betheltown (B7) towards Anchovy and Montego Bay.

  2. Continue on the B8 to Anchovy (or turn right onto it from B7 at Chester Castle). DO NOT TURN OFF AT RAMBLE even if prompted to do so by the GPS. The route through that back road is in bad condition. Pass the Anchovy High School and the road to Rocklands Bird Sanctuary on the right.

  3. Turn Left at Lethe Crossroads and Julia's Accessories onto Wiltshire to Lethe Road

  4. Continue from step #7 above.

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