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Established in 2000

A place that was once a mere thought, is now more than I could have ever dreamed. When I acquired the land in Copse, Hanover where Animal Farm & Nature Reserve now sits, it was nothing but bush, thick impenetrable vegetation, and so that is precisely what I called it, “The Bush”. I went up to “The Bush” on weekends and early mornings, built my dream house and found a way to showcase what this beautiful land had to offer - Jamaica’s local flora and fauna and the roaring Great River.

I reveled in my childhood hobby of raising chickens, which later blossomed into a business venture as I explored the ins and outs of aviculture, the breeding, and rearing of birds. We produce organic quail meat and eggs for the local market and have over 50 varieties of exotic birds on the farm including the Rasta Fowl, our signature bird, whose name was originally coined at Animal Farm. These chickens, like the White Crested Black Polish Chicken, sport tufts of feathers on their heads that look like dreadlocks.

Year by year “The Bush” transformed. What started out as 6 acres grew to 40 when I acquired an additional 34 acres of land that I had been admiring for some time for its natural beauty and extended river frontage. Animal Farm & Nature Reserve was officially opened by the Honourable Francis Tulloch, M.P. Minister of Tourism on Saturday, January 8, 2000.

Animal Farm & Nature Reserve is my perfect getaway - a sanctuary where I have cultivated my love for Mother Nature’s most precious blessings. It is my home away from home, the place where I find ultimate peace.

I hope it will bring you that and more.

Geoffrey Williams, Owner

Our Focus

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