Animal  Farm & Nature Reserve
Copse, Hanover, Jamaica

Animal Farm  is  the Home
of the
-our name for the
funky chickens with the
dreadlocks hair-do!
There are several varieties
of these interesting
chickens on the farm.
Animal Farm started out as a six-acre 'Fun Farm' located in
Copse, Hanover, Jamaica.
We have since grown to over 40
acres of mainly forest reserves - hence our change in name.  
The farm is
 primarily dedicated to aviculture- the breeding
and rearing of birds and we have over seventy different
varieties- but we also have other animals on the farm: pigs,
goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea
pigs and a donkey named Boxer
for the kids to ride around!
A view of the main house with the beautiful
Montpelier Hills in the background.
Animal Farm.. Where all the animals are equal.... but, of
some are more equal than others!

"Recommended by the Holidaysplease Jamaica Holidays Travel
Visit us any day between 10 a.m and 5 see the farm. You
may also want to have a picnic by the river, so bring your lunch or,
if you wish, you may use our cooking facilities.
 The kids will be thoroughly entertained with the beautiful birds
and other animals as well as in Joelle's Playground, where they can
swing and slide to their hearts' content.   There are lots of places
for adults to spend some quiet time with nature- so take along your
favourite book, if you like.
     Telephone      :
(876) 899-0040/299-9360/299-9460
      email             :
The farm is  environmentally -friendly.

We use Solar Power for electricity, generate Bio-gas for
cooking and refrigeration and use compost instead of
commercial fertilizers.
Our Motto  :  DON'T JUST LIVE,
           LIVE GREEN
Because of these chickens and the fact that we
consider ourselves to be the premier nature tour on
the island we have named our tour-
The Rastafowl
Nature Tour
As we have grown to become Animal Farm & Nature Reserve, we
are now able to offer
Bamboo River Rafting and Hiking Tours. We
have also added a
Butterfly House displaying Jamaican
Lepidoptera and a much more extensive riverside experience.